Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Baby's First Stocking

Although holidays can be so busy with all of the hustle and bustle, this is the perfect time of year to slow down and make things by hand and from the heart!
I decided I just had to make Hudson's First Stocking!

It was so easy and didn't take too long at all! I didn't have too much time so I think in the future, I may add a few more details like vintage buttons.
I probably didn't take as many photos through the steps as I should have, but here is what I have along with the few quick and easy steps.
First I took a Cable Knit Sweater from Goodwill and traced the shape of a stocking out of it. 
You can do this Freehand or Trace from an existing stocking.
I used a Turtleneck sweater because I loved the idea of having the neck folded down as a cuff.
Make sure you add and extra 1/2 inch all the way around for seam allowance.
With Right Sides together, sew all of the way around...leaving the top open of course so that you can stuff your stocking full of  goodies:)
(The  neck was a little bit wider than I wanted so I took in a bit)

Next I found some heavy burlap in dark brown that I had in my stash of fabric and used chalk to draw the "big" lower case letter "h" for "Hudson".  Again, if you aren't comfortable with drawing out your own letter, you can choose a font that you like and print it out really big and then use it to trace onto your fabric.
After I cut out the letter "h" I stitched it onto the stocking with a gold metallic thread. I double threaded my needle so that the gold topstitch would be a decorative touch.
I allowed the letter to fray a bit for extra detail. If you like a cleaner look, use a bit of fray check around the edges.
Also, if you prefer to sew the letter on by machine you can go that route too,  just make sure to do it before sewing the front and back sides of the stocking together!

Finally, I added a thick piece of gold-trimmed velvet ribbon at the top
so that we can hang our stocking...
"by the chimney with care".
The stocking is also a great prop for pictures of  "Baby's First Christmas".  I plan to use it again in more Christmas photos so I will be sure to post those as well! 
Do you suppose he has "visions of sugar plums dancing in [his] head" ?

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