Sunday, December 30, 2012

DIY Wrapping Ideas

Ever run out of Christmas paper or just get sick of the old norm?
  I always try and get a little crafty and do a little something different when wrapping gifts...especially at Christmas time.
Here are just a couple of quick and easy examples that I did for Hudson this year.

 Above I just cut out a piece of burlap in the shape of a rectangle and tied ribbon around the middle to cinch it into the shape of a bow and added a jingle bell. I also cut the letter "h" out for "hudson" and taped it under the bow...loved it and it was so easy!
In the gift below, I chose some fabric that I already had and tied polka dot ribbon around it...cannot get any easier! I also cut out a letter "h" for this one out of brown paper and placed it under the ribbon.

Loved wrapping gifts for his first Christmas and the easiest part was that this year he is so young that I was able to wrap his gifts right in front of him!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Special First Christmas

Such a Special Christmas this year as it was Hudson's first!
I'll be posting a few pics throughout the week as I get the chance to organize them!
Here are a few for now...

We had a lot of fun with Santa at Piney Acres Farm.  Santa warned us that next year, Hudson may not like him quite as much lol...can't wait for that classic picture!

Hudson passed out under the tree with one of his "First Christmas" Ornaments and the stocking I made him.

Had to grab a pic by our little Charlie Brown trees we have at our boutique...Rachel did such a good job with the DIY project behind me... Framed Glitter Reindeer.

Our Handsome little boy.
Thanks to all of our family who helped to make the holiday season such a special one for Hudson!
He is so lucky to have so many people love him...lots of love!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Baby's First Stocking

Although holidays can be so busy with all of the hustle and bustle, this is the perfect time of year to slow down and make things by hand and from the heart!
I decided I just had to make Hudson's First Stocking!

It was so easy and didn't take too long at all! I didn't have too much time so I think in the future, I may add a few more details like vintage buttons.
I probably didn't take as many photos through the steps as I should have, but here is what I have along with the few quick and easy steps.
First I took a Cable Knit Sweater from Goodwill and traced the shape of a stocking out of it. 
You can do this Freehand or Trace from an existing stocking.
I used a Turtleneck sweater because I loved the idea of having the neck folded down as a cuff.
Make sure you add and extra 1/2 inch all the way around for seam allowance.
With Right Sides together, sew all of the way around...leaving the top open of course so that you can stuff your stocking full of  goodies:)
(The  neck was a little bit wider than I wanted so I took in a bit)

Next I found some heavy burlap in dark brown that I had in my stash of fabric and used chalk to draw the "big" lower case letter "h" for "Hudson".  Again, if you aren't comfortable with drawing out your own letter, you can choose a font that you like and print it out really big and then use it to trace onto your fabric.
After I cut out the letter "h" I stitched it onto the stocking with a gold metallic thread. I double threaded my needle so that the gold topstitch would be a decorative touch.
I allowed the letter to fray a bit for extra detail. If you like a cleaner look, use a bit of fray check around the edges.
Also, if you prefer to sew the letter on by machine you can go that route too,  just make sure to do it before sewing the front and back sides of the stocking together!

Finally, I added a thick piece of gold-trimmed velvet ribbon at the top
so that we can hang our stocking...
"by the chimney with care".
The stocking is also a great prop for pictures of  "Baby's First Christmas".  I plan to use it again in more Christmas photos so I will be sure to post those as well! 
Do you suppose he has "visions of sugar plums dancing in [his] head" ?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Harvest Fun

We had so much fun this fall with Hudson for Halloween.  
He is such a cute little Pumpkin!  

Matt's cousin, Andrea, owns Knits & Knots and made us his adorable pumpkin hat

 Found ourselves a little pumpkin at Spencer Farm

 Andrea also made his costume that she upcycled from a previous year (she added the vine and closures). 

The cozy pumpkin sleeper that went under his costume was from his Aunt Lora and Aunt Tonya. 

Sleepy little pumpkin xoxo

Let it Shimmer

We had a lot of fun shooting the Holiday Look book this year with some of our favorite BB Dakota pieces.
Some of this Season's best looks; Sequin, Gold, Faux Fur, and Gold Foil Pants. 

and the best part of my getting to bring this guy to work with me xoxo
Hudson helped with his first Redemption Photo Shoot...he is a good little helper!

Thanks to Greg Perez for shooting our favorite holiday looks!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Game Day Fun

It was a happy weekend at the Huber House with victory for two of our favorite teams.
Best part for me...was dressing this guy up...of course:)
One of Hudson's favorite hats, from Jules Boutique in Goshen.

Daddy was so happy to share a special Notre Dame Day with his favorite guy.
Grandma and Grandpa Kistler couldn't resist getting Hudson his first Notre Dame Gear!

Fist Bump for the Colts!
Loving his Colts shirt from Aunt Tonya while adding his own touch of  style with the cool cardigan from Aunt Lora...ummm he's not spoiled is he???

DIY Picture Frame Sign

This was a fun little project the ladies at the shop did to bring more attention to our Vintage Collection.  Thought it was lovely so I thought I would share.
Click on the Image to see how you can make your own!

I'm thinking I would like to make one with Hudson's Name for his Nursery.
I will keep you posted, of course:) 
Let us know if you decide to make your own! Would love to see pictures.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vintage Foilage

Pairing some of our favorite Vintage Pieces with some of  our other Fall Pieces, we decided to go with a "Vintage Foilage" look for this shoot!
Tulle Floral Dress matched wtih Vintage Blazer, Vintage Inspired Boots, and Darling Bag

Vintage Inspired Tulle Floral Cardigan

Vintage Inspired Tulle Dress with Lace and Darling Tote

Lucca Couture Dress and Vintage Tweed Blazer

Big Thanks to Cody Ebbeler for shooting these great looks!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Baby Hudson

I can't believe our little guy is already 6 weeks! Time is going by too fast that it actually causes me to have a little anxiety.  Although I can't control time I can try and preserve these little moments by taking lots of pictures.  I haven't had the chance to post any until now, but trust me, we've been taking a lot and will be posting more each day.
Hudson is changing by the day and although it's so much fun watching him grow, I just want to slow things down because he is such a sweet sweet newborn. I just love how he curls up on my chest and cuddles; best feeling in the world. I can stare at that little face all day long. 
He's actually always been pretty alert, but just in the past week he has become so much more aware of things around him.  He is smiling more and Daddy and I are enjoying hearing him babble his baby talk now too. 
Below is our little announcement we are getting ready to mail out. 
Thanks so much to Pauline Prom Photography  for taking his first pictures and creating the announcement for us!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank You Veterans

Happy Veterans Day Grandpa -I Miss and Love you
I framed this pic from when my Grandpa was in the service during WWII for my grandparents anniversary one year.
I just adore how cute they are.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

For the Love of Plaid

Just love mixing and matching the old with the new.
Vintage Plaid Top paired with Faux Suede Leggings by BB Dakota

Because Three Is Better Then Two

Maternity Bliss at 8 Months.
We shot our Maternity Pics at one of our favorite places, Holiday Park. Not only is it one of our favorite places to shoot for the store' s lookbooks, but also one of our favorite place to take the dogs hiking.
Such a special time for us- I knew I would miss feeling Hudson in my belly but couldn't wait to hold him in my arms.

Kimono by Tulle from RedemptionStyle
Vintage Parasol from Flaxen Fatale Vintage found at RedemptionStyle

Shaw Sweater from RedemptionStyle
Skirt I found in my closet from about 8 years ago! It's by Hazel

Kimono by Tulle from RedemptionStyle
Had so much fun with these-such a sweet moment in our life.
A Big Thanks to Cody Ebbeler for capturing this special day.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cut From the Same Cloth

I just love this picture of my Grandpa's family. I have it framed by our fireplace.
 One of the things I love the most about this picture is that my Grandma and Aunt are wearing the same dress from the same material. My Grandma, who taught me how to sew, was an amazing seamstress so I'm guessing she made the dresses.
My Grandpa's younger sister, my beautiful Aunt Bernie, is to the far right and to her left is my amazing Grandma and Grandpa. His mother is center front-I'm sad I never had the chance to know her.
Next to my Great-Grandma is my Grandpa's brother, my Uncle Dean and his wife Lucile, and to the far right is my Aunt Olive and her husband Shorty. I never had the pleausure of meeting Aunt Olive or Uncle Shorty, but I just love their son, Max and his daughter Sharon. In fact, it was Max that took the picture. He is only a couple years younger then Aunt Bernie and is able to share many stories with us.
There's such a strong feeling associated with this picture-it just kind of takes me back to that day with them.  Although the only person in this picture that is still with us here on Earth is my Aunt Bernie, I feel my Grandparents' presence daily in spirit and in the values that they instilled within me.  

Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Sign For Our Lovely Boutique

The Story Behind the Sign

It all started with one creative idea...the use of an old headboard as the sign for our storefront.

We found this beautiful antique headboard at an Antique Mall in Kokomo, IN.
Now that we had the headboard, we needed to paint it white.
Just after one coat, we were getting excited.

Ok, so we had a little help from Indy Quick Signs(
They customized our logo to fit right in the middle of the headboard.

The sign's unique character is a perfect fit for little boutique, which has it's own nostalgic personality. 

Gypsy Love

One of my favorite lookbooks we have created is our "Gypsy Love" lookbook...I think it's because I'm really a Gypsy at Heart.